God has given you gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Find the place where your gifts and talents can be refined and strengthened as student at Church of the King.


  • Coordinate Pastoral Ministry events
  • Planning and scheduling Pastoral Ministry communication
  • On campus recruiting for small groups each weekend
  • Maintain database of Small Group Leaders
  • Assist with all Growth Track responsibilities on campus
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes
  • Research learning activities for kids ministry
  • Coordinate purchasing of supplies
  • Serve in Kings Kids each weekend
  • Assist with volunteer communication
  • Assist in planning the weekly student services
  • Identify & recruit students to participate in Tribes
  • Lead Next Generation Clubs at middle school & high school campuses.
  • Plan & coordinate student events for each campus
  • Maintain database of leaders & students
  • Assist in planning the weekly C20 services
  • Identify & recruit young adults to participate in small groups
  • Plan & coordinate young adult events
  • Maintain database of leaders & young adults
  • Plan and coordinate community outreach events and world mission trips
  • Work alongside Outreach Partners & volunteers
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to serve
  • Logistical planning
  • Planning and executing events
  • Managing benefits data
  • Administrative work with systems and HR management
  • Provide support to office systems including front desk, staff facilities


  • Assist in planning the weekly worship services
  • Identify & recruit worship to participate in worship experiences
  • Plan & coordinate worship events for each campus
  • Maintain database of worship leaders
  • Work with production volunteers and contract employees
  • Assist with back-stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the on campus producer for each worship experience
  • Record audio for special engagements & meetings
  • Record audio for video shoots
  • Mixing & recording voice-overs
  • Assist Sr. Engineer with special projects
  • Assist with technical AV aspects on campus each weekend
  • Provide break & fix for Production Team
  • Assist with upgrades & installs
  • Assist Technical Director with special projects
  • Research creative elements used for Worship Experience
  • Logistical planning for creative elements
  • Order series collateral, t-shirts, resource materials
  • Manage deadlines for projects requested in Asana


  • Assist with managing/prioritizing video requests
  • Coordinate props & costumes for video shoots
  • Present ideas, participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Help identify talent & locations for video shoots
  • Design graphic materials for worship experience
  • Design graphic materials for Kings Kids, Limitless, C20, Pastoral Ministries, and Volunteer ministries
  • Design for a variety of different mediums
  • On campus each weekend capturing the experience on camera
  • Photograph special events & community outreach events
  • Editing
  • Maintain & organize photo library and archive

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